The Copper-Plate (Tamrapothi) Reader
Oracles Given to Bishop Lewis Keizer on December 9, 2006,
by Brahmin Priest and Pundit Amareswar Mishra



This photo of Pt. Amareswar was taken many years ago. The Brahmin Priest is much older now and he is able to speak a little English to interpret the oracles, which are given in the Orissan language. Pt. Sanjay Rath, founder and head teacher of JIVA, the Jagannath Institute of Vedic Astrology, says that this is the only authentic oracle of this type in India. He arranged for Willa and me to have a reading from the Oracle and provided car and driver for us.

The location is in the tiny village of Kakatpur, Orissa. It is accessible only by an hour of driving on dirt roads after leaving Konark. The roads are full of potholes and dangerous wash-outs, so it is a harrowing pilgrimage. Normally only Hindus visit the Oracle.Balabhadra, Subhadra, Jagannath - the deities

The Brahmin Priest maintains a beautiful and spotless Jagannath Temple. You can look into it through the iron bars that keep people out, but according to Sanjay he does not admit anyone but himself and his local Priests. Jagannath is the "Lord of the Universe" who is represented with His Trimurti or Trinity of Jagannath, Brother, and Sister (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Unlike Hindu gods appearing in allegorical human and animal forms, the Trimurti is represented by primitive abstract figures that appear almost African. Jagannath is a unique philosophical product of Orissa, which was really its own region until Indian nationhood imposed statehood upon it in the mid-twentieth century. The Trinity (from left to right): Shri Balabhadra, Maa Subhadra, Shri Jagannath.

For detailed information, photos, and three videos showing the ritual, readings, and the appearance and disappearance of Orissan words on the copper plate (tamra), click on the photo of the Priest above.

Incidently, Pt. Amareswar, the Brahmin Priest of the Oracle pictured above, requires Westerners to wear traditional Indian clothing. That was no problem for Willa, who wears Indian clothing anyway. But I had to borrow a dhoti from Zoran. This is sort of a cross between a big diaper and a Scottish kilt, and very complex to tie up and wear. I asked one of the Mayfair Hotel Hindu men to tie it up for me the morning of the journey, then waddled around in it all day until we returned.



Here is the transcript of my amazing reading. To hear the entire reading (first Lewis, then Willa, then a Serbian woman Jyotishi named Danika), click here.

Lewis first question:  "Who is this man? "

[I placed on his altar my wallet photo of the face on the Shroud of Turin that I cut out from National Geographic Magazine and have carried with me for nearly forty years. My intention was to see if Achyuta identified it as the face of the Master Jesus, which I do, but others see as medieval fake. I doubt that the Priest had ever heard of the Shroud of Turin or had any idea about the issues because he lived in an obscure Orissan village, and I wanted to hear what the Ascended Master Achyuta, who impresses the copper plates, would reveal.]

“Three questions. Questions concern spiritual. There is second question about yourself. In that particular question you ask for solution and time factor. There are three questions. What is your first question?” I repeated it. “Another question. The second one.” He wants me to state the second question.

Lewis second question: “How can I reform Christianity so that Christians will practice the true teachings of the Master Jesus?”

He asks me to voice my third question.

Lewis third question: “How can I achieve the goals of my Tantra?” [I have created  a Western Kaballistic Tantra modeled on Kalachakra Generation and Completion Stages and techniques, whose goals are to achieve Buddahood in one lifetime. The goal of my Christ-Melchizedek Tantra, which is the Second Order of THG, is to achieve Christhood in one lifetime. I wanted to see how the Oracle would guide me about my tantric practice.]

He begins with first question, using a magnifying glass to read the copper plates.

“This gentleman [Face on Shroud of Turin] had been born by the Blessing of the Almighty…by the Blessing of God. The mission he had from God, he had been sent…to clarify society and the human heart. The quality of this gentleman equal to Almighty. Same quality of God. The person had been born, but God said that he cannot die...the person is not dead. He always lives for human society. The best quality of the person was a Best Guru [this means a Maha-Guru, a Teacher of Teachers]. The quality of the person…he knows past, present, and future. Throughout the life he celebrates himself as a monk or disciple. He has a best quality as Best Guru. His duty is to attach the people to spirituality and give the noble idea of the heart to each the brilliant Mastery of this man people get the Blessing of the Almighty. The person can’t die, but is covered up—hidden—from society. The person himself is covered up [hidden] to this society—has been hidden himself from society. Not reach average man in society. But can teach how to be in the palm of the Almighty. These are the qualities. Another answer coming for yourself.”

[I give the picture to him that I have kept in my wallet for forty years as a grateful offering and blessing for him. For me, this reading confirms what I have always known about the Shroud. It is authentic, and it preserves the historical image of Mar Yeshua.]

“About yourself. You ask how to mix [commune] with the Almighty.”

Lewis: "Yes, and how I can help the people to understand the true hidden teachings."

He reads the copper plates.

“By meditation and japa [the mantras I repeat in my Tantra], the person must get the Blessing of God. Slowly becoming mukti [liberated]. After death you are never reborn. By love, learning, and discipline, these qualities guarantee the Blessing of God, and each person in the world get pure peace. Must get Blessing from Almighty. The person who follows these things can get pure peace and mukti.

"Your past life is like a mirror—there are no black spots. So it is much easier to get the Blessing of the Almighty. So by the help of Guru’s [Yeshua's] advice—if you carry out the order and discipline and instruction of your Guru [Yeshua]—you must get the Blessing from God, and that comes through darshan [being in the Presence or Communion of God].”

“Your existing period in this society is 79—whenever you achieve the age limit of 79 the period of necessary activity will end. That is your death time. The last part of the life will be purely spiritual. No disease, healthy throughout, healthy in the last part."

Lewis: "Does this mean I can I chose my time of death any time after 79 years?"

"Yes, you can chose time of death. You will get darshan of God after 79. [This is the state of mukti in which one can move between Samadhi or Presence of God and human consciousness while still living.]

"At the time of death, listen in ear for chanting of Hare Ram. [This is the mantra chanted into the ear of those who are dying for the last time, will obtain moksha  [liberation], and will exist as Ascended Masters.]

"In near future coming to noble time. Write down scrip ["books"]. That scrip [my book or books] remain you after death,,,your disciples remember you…in this life, which is last life, you will be Best Spiritual Teacher…finances will be better.”

Answer to third question [how to achieve goals of Tantra—Christhood in one lifetime]:

“What time will you get [manifest the signs or siddhis of] this person [ face on Shroud--Yeshua]. In what time you get the sign? Answer is coming…

“2008 century month of July will get the sign of this man. In what place? At place of Gorakhath in India…in Himalayas.[Can mean either location of Gorakhnath  monks in Himalyas or place name Gorakhnath. Translator later said this was close to Almora in the Himalayas where we will do the July Jaimini workshops]. [You will be] among so many monks  [who practice advanced tantras]; you will get the sign [siddhas] of this man [Yeshua].”

[This prediction was amazing because on July of each year 2007, 2008, and following, Willa and I are scheduled to be at Almora in the Himalayas with Sanjay studying and recording his precious Jaimini Jyotish lectures. The Monk Gorok was the Master Teacher of Tantra, and Natha monks are practitioners of high tantra.]


1. The Shroud of Turin is authentic
2. Yeshua's Teachings are still covered and hidden from most Christians
3. Yeshua lives today as a Master or "Best" Guru
4. I may be able to make great spiritual achievement in this lifetime, including reaching the goals of the Long-Life Practice and the Christ-Melchizedek Tantra
5. My books, writings, and lectures will live on after I die and inspire true disciples of the unknown Mar Yeshua
6. Important spiritual progress connected with the Himalayas will be manifesting for me in the near future
7. VERY IMPORTANT: After the reading, one of the other Brahmin Priests led me to the Jagannath Temple, had me remove my shoes, unlocked the iron gates, insisted that I enter the Temple and make an offering, then gave me a Communion Prasad before the images of the Jagannath Trimurti in the inner sanctum. This consisted of a tulsi leaf ("bread") and Holy Water ("wine"). Then he led me out and locked the iron gates. When I told this to Sanjay he was amazed because no one but Pt. Amareswar's other Priests are allowed into the Temple, and Sanjay has even questioned him about why he doesn't allow Pt. Sanjay or anyone else into the Temple. The Temple was not opened to anyone else, but it was opened for me--and not at my request. I was literally ushered into it silently and without words. So this was a powerful confirmation for me.