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1. I will not charge money for sacramental services including ordination.  I understand that I have a right 
    to earn salary and fees for teaching, lecturing, counseling, or any other professional services related to 
    spiritual work if I so choose, or that I may raise funds for charitable causes as part of my spiritual 
    work, but that my vocation in the Home Temple Priesthood will remain unpaid and non-professional.
2. I promise never to take personal advantage of my role in Apostolic orders to gain power, status, or 
    psychological control over others.
3. I will not support or encourage the development of a non-ordained laity in any of my ministries and 
    services, but I will encourage others to join me and make progress in non-professional Apostolic 
4. I will not dishonor the Home Temple Priesthood by committing a crime.
5. I will not physically or emotionally abuse or violate human beings, animals, or other living things.
6. I will not passively allow any of the above or any other evils to go unchallenged.
7. I will not make or distribute copies of copyrighted Home Temple course materials without written 
    permission from a Presiding Bishop, although I may show them to interested persons.


1.  I will love, honor, obey, and bless the ways of our Abba, the root of all reality and fountainhead of all
     being as taught by Yeshua, which include justice, compassion, wisdom, truth, and beauty.
2.  I will honor those spiritual realities in all other beings, religions, cultures, and expressions.
3.  I will strive for self-evolution and loving service for the benefit of all beings by seeking higher service through 
     achievement of Malkuth or the divine Sovereignty of saints exemplified by Mar Yeshua.
4.  I will strive to develop and maintain daily and other regular spiritual practices and rituals.
5.  I will develop my heart’s ability to love, understand, and empathize in all circumstances so that my 
     personal “I” becomes the collective “we.”
6.  I will always especially support and honor my fellow Home Templars.
7.  If I am elevated to the Episcopate I promise to actively participate in the Synod of Home Temple 
     Bishops, serve as a Mentor Bishop or in a Pastoral Court if necessary, and to exemplify the best 
     qualities of the Home Temple Priesthood. I promise to thoroughly train anyone I may ordain or consecrate 
     to make them worthy of Apostolic lineage, and to require them to complete the Home Temple seminary program
     in addition to whatever other mentoring or training I might offer.
These standards of ethics must be accepted, signed, and upheld by all Home Templars