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Home Temple Press publications are videotapes, DVD's, paperback books, online E-book downloads (cover shown in description), or bound Xerox copies (no cover shown).  MOST OF THESE ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH ONLINE BOOKSTORES SUCH AS AMAZON, AMAZON KINDLE, THE WISDOM SEMINARS WEBSITE, AND WITH 25-35% DISCOUNT AT DR. KEIZER'S YESHUA WORKSHOPS (Click underlined words for links)


THE PNEUMATIKON: A Twenty-First Century Introduction to the Soul, Reincarnation, and Spiritual Realities


ABBAUN: The Authentic Aramaic Meaning of the Lord's Prayer, 2012  Available as a paperback at Dr. Keizer's workshops and online as a Kindle book for Kindle or desktop computer $9.99


THE KABBALISTIC WORDS OF JESUS IN THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS: Recovering the Inner-Circle Teachings of Yeshua, Lewis Keizer, 2009 You can preview and order a copy of Dr. Keizer's new book, The Kabbalistic Words of Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas: Recovering the Inner-Circle Teachings of Yeshua, published April, 2009, by taking THIS LINK. Available as ebook at Lulu.com and through Amazon Kindle.


YESHUA: THE UNKNOWN JESUS, Lewis Keizer, 2008 You can preview and order a copy of Dr. Keizer's new novel, Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus published December, 2008, by taking THIS LINK. Available as e-book through Amazon Kindle. New Fifth Edition published 2012.


INCARNATING THE NEW HUMANITY: Practicing Yeshua's Lost Halakah for Spiritual Rebirth, Lewis Keizer, 2011  Available as a paperback at Yeshua Workshops; available as a Kindle e-book.


THE NEW HUMANITY: The Forgotten Kabbalistic Teachings of Yeshua and the Evolution of Global Spirituality, Lewis Keizer, 2010  Available as a multimedia e-book on a CD also containing The Kabbalistic Words in the Gospel of Thomas, Yeshua: The Unknown Jesus, Introduction to Meditation, twenty video presentations, and several other works of Dr. Keizer only at Yeshua Workshops.


DR. KEIZER'S FULL TWO-DAY YESHUA WORKSHOP IN A TWO-CD SET Available online on the CATALOGUE page at www.wisdomseminars.org OR at Yeshua Workshops.



INITIATION INTO THE GRAIL MYSTERIES Co-Authored with Bishop Timothy Storlie (iUniverse Press, 2001). May be ordered from Amazon.com, Booksamillion.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and most online book sellers for about $20.

ECONOMICAL ONLINE OPTION:   The book is available as E-book from Wisdom Seminars site for $12.


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Part of the training for Home Temple Episcopate, T:.H:.G:. guides Initiates through seven First-Order Empowerments that are done on lunar cycles after Easter-Passover Vigil and Wesak Initiation. This book contains the preliminary instruction required for orientation to these plus an application form for admission to annual Vigil, Initiation Rite, and acceptance into First Order.


"Rarely in the annals of history has a new concept come as powerful as T:.H:.G:. The Grail Master is one of the most learned men that I have ever known who has been able to remain in contact with humanity in order to spread love and benediction."

Eugene Whitworth, M.A., Ph.D., D.O.J.S.
Author of The Nine Faces of Christ, Genesis, The Jaguar Prince, et.al; Founder of the Great Western Brotherhood and Great Western University; Supreme Minister, Temple of the Jade Sun; Bishop Templar T:.H:.G:.


"The reason the Temple of the Holy Grail has to be taken seriously is that its Empowerments really do work. I have done a great many esoteric spiritual practices in my seventy-odd years, but I have never found anything to compare with the power and efficacy of the Temple Empowerments. It is in that fact that the true authority of the Temple lies."

H. E. Count George Boyer, D.D., Th.D., C.C.M.S.
Grand Master and Lord Abbot, The Healing, Teaching, and Chivalric Order of St. Michael and St. Raphael; Bishop Templar, Knight, and Pontifex, OSMTH (Knights Templar); Bishop Emeritus, Apostolic Episcopal Church; Superior, Guardians of the Way


"I found the Temple of the Holy Grail when I was researching topics of Templar spirituality, on a personal Quest for further Light in my spiritual life. Even that I was fascinated by the teachings, I found the spiritual practices even more meaningful and more profound. Through the practices, I gathered a sense of a balanced discipline which allowed me to reconnect with the forces of nature and the basic energies of the Planet on one side, and the higher spiritual forces on the other. Through the practices, I was able to make contact with the Egregor of the Temple, an intensely luminous spiritual force, clean, powerful, a real promise for the future of the Servers of Humanity which are being trained by the T:.H:.G:.

"In summary, the Temple is firmly rooted in the past through deep connections into the Initiatic and Apostolic chains of power of the Western tradition; but is looking into the future as an innovative, fresh and vital Esoteric School."

+AL+, Ph.D.
S:.I:. IV (Martinism); M:.E:.C:. (Master Elus Cohen; Bishop Templar, T:.H:.G:.; Bishop, Home Temple; Instructor Rose+Croix University, A.M.O.R.C.; Faculty of Religious Studies, Great Western University


ASTRAL MAN TO COSMIC CHRIST: A Metaphysical Odyssey, Lewis Keizer with Eugene Whitworth (iUniverse Press, 2000).  

An occult adventure novel about astral projection containing profound teachings and hints about advanced practice and the achievement of spiritual mastery. Written by Keizer in 1976 and revised with assistance from Dr. Whitworth, whose brilliant novels like The Nine Faces of Christ are published in many languages. Order from Amazon.com, Booksamillion.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and most online book sellers, or as an ebook from Amazon Kindle.




THE WANDERING BISHOPS: Apostles of a New Spirituality, Second Edition, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press)  Brief abridgement of this is included in the Priesthood Study Manual.


Greatly expanded and completely rewritten version of the original monograph published in limited edition in 1976. Some chapters are used in Priesthood Studies of the Home Temple. Overview of Apostolic Succession and the history of the Episcopi Vagantes or Independent Bishops leading to the Home Temple and other valid lineages. The clandestine Gnostic and Templar successions of Europe, the Order of Corporate Reunion, the transplanting of Orthodox and other non-Roman Catholic Episcopal lineages to America, independent bishops win secular and canonical court battles for validity, the Theosophical lineages, the consecration of women bishops in Canada, the U.S., and worldwide.


HARMONIC INTONING AND CHANTING: Instruction in Vocal Technique and Esoteric Principles of Chakra Attunement, Lewis Keizer, 1985-2012  We strongly urge those preparing for T:.H:.G:. Initiation to take the online seminar at http://wisdomseminars.org/Harmonic_Intoning_Syllabus.html and begin developing the technique of Harmonic Intoning. The online course is available to the general public without restriction. Dr. Keizer also offers personal instruction in his HARMONIC INTONING WORKSHOP often done in conjunction with the YESHUA WORKSHOP. The Intoning Workshop includes a CD with complete narrated seminar with e-book and exercises as well as Visual Analyzer software and special 24-minute narrated and unnarrated Attunement guided meditations.

HarmChantBk.jpg (62802 bytes)   

                                              Before and after chakra attunement as measured on Motoyama AMI apparatus


THE EIGHT REVEALS THE NINTH: A New Hermetic Initiation Disclosure (Tractate 6, Nag Hammadi Codex VI), Lewis Keizer (Academy of Arts and Humanities Monograph Series: Number One) Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $12.

Translation, edition, and interpretation of the historical initiation discourse discovered among the Coptic Gnostic Library of Nag Hammadi. Adapted from Keizer’s doctoral dissertation for a more general reading public, you will find this work referenced in most contemporary Hermetic studies.

For the complete doctoral dissertation:  $35  plus shipping (Home Temple Press)

 MOTHER JENNIE’S GARDEN, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press) Available as pdf ebook from www.wisdomseminars.org and as an Amazon Kindle ebook. You can order the paperback by emailing +LK+. Price is $15 plus postage.

The autobiography of Bishop Keizer's spiritual teacher as told to him in hundreds of hours of taped interview before her death at the age of ninety seven  in 1975.  The Rev. Jennie Hopkins Peterson Maiereder was an anonymous saint and woman of highly developed spiritual power and psychic sensitivity.  Introductions to each chapter provide the reader with insight into the spiritual life of Keizer during the Civil Rights and Vietnam War periods as well.



THE AUTHENTIC JESUS: a Guide to Aramaic Idioms, Recent Research, and the Original Message of Jesus Christ, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press)  Included as part of the Diaconate Study materials. Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $12.

The basic textbook used in the Home Temple Diaconate Studies for introducing the historic background and teachings of the Master Jesus. Based upon Aramaic language concepts and the background of historical Jewish mysticism without which the teachings cannot be understood. Originally written in 1976 and revised in 1998, this book anticipated the work and many of the conclusions of the controversial Jesus Seminar—an ecumenical research project of scholars to recover the historical teachings of Jesus. Keizer’s understanding and evaluation of the sources, however, represents a more profound and constructive spiritual understanding than was achieved in most publications of the Jesus Seminar, many of which focused upon merely debunking Christian theology.


KEYS OF THE MASTER: Aramaic Key Words and Divine Concepts in the Authentic Historical Teaching Of the Master Jesus, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press)   Included as part of the Priesthood Study materials. Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $10.

The basic textbook used in the Home Temple Priesthood Studies for developing the introduction gained in The Authentic Jesus. Encyclopedic alphabetical listing of basic concepts and words spoken in Aramaic and Hebrew by the Master Jesus, with detailed interpretations.


THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST: The Simple Word of the Master Jesus, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press)   Included as part of the Priesthood Study Sacramentary and Lectionary, designed for selections to be read aloud in Eucharistic services according to the Lectionary schedule. Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $10.

Keizer’s inspired translation and paraphrase of the teachings of Master Jesus following the Marcan Gospel order and amplified by all extant historical logia of Jesus from canonical and non-canonical sources. Clarifies one level of spiritual meaning for non-scholars that is otherwise inaccessible from standard Bible translations, as it is based on original Aramaic language studies and the historical Jewish mysticism and setting out of which Jesus taught. Used with the Lectionary for Home Temple Liturgy of the Chalice.


INITIATION: Ancient and Modern, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press) $20.  Included as part of the printable materials for THE INITIATIC MYSTERIES OF CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY at the WISDOM SEMINARS. Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $10.

Analyzes the meaning and methodology of initiation with detailed examinations of shamanic, Osirian, Eleusinian, Hermetic, and other mystery schools, categorizing the Grade One Initiations mentioned, but not discussed in Alice Bailey’s INITIATIONS: HUMAN AND SOLAR.


SEPHER HA-RAZIM AND ITS TRADITION: An Inquiry into the Interrelation of Jewish, Greco-Egyptian, and Chaldean Magico-Mystic Practices in the Roman-Hellenistic Period, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press)  Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $10.

Investigations into magical and Gnostic theurgical traditions contemporary with Jesus. Margalioth’s reconstructed book of Hebrew Kabbalistic magic is examined along with portions of the Greek Magical Papyri, the Mithrisliturgie, and other significant sources.


PRIESTHOOD IN THE NEW AGE, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press) Free online at www.hometemple.org Home Page.

The development of universal lay or non-professional Apostolic Priesthood in present and future times is related to its many precursor movements and to the historical background of contemporary spiritual developments contributing to the Home Temple movement.


PROPHECIES CONCERNING THE NEW CHURCH, Lewis Keizer (Home Temple Press) Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $10.

The prophecies of Nostradamus and other Western mystics about the future of esoteric Christianity are translated, examined, and analyzed. Insights into twenty-first century world spiritual events.


ULTRA-FUNDAMENTALISM:  Assault on Democracy,  Dr. Lewis Keizer. Available as E-book from the WISDOM SEMINARS site for $10.

Identifies the  phenomenological characteristics of religious fundamentalism in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the origins of Christian millenarianism and biblical fundamentalism in the post-Civil War South, and the rise of the religious right in post-Vietnam America.  Clarifies the difference between Christian evangelism, fundamentalism, and ultra-fundamentalism. Debunks ultra-fundamentalist claims to be the inheritors of the American Founding Fathers and exposes their political apocalyptic agendas for American education and government. 


SIMPLIFIED COPTIC GRAMMAR WITH COMPREHENSIVE TEXTS AND GLOSSARIES,  Dr. Lewis Keizer  $45 Currently available Xerox bound from Dr. Keizer EMAIL.

A textbook of Coptic grammar with a huge selection of Coptic Gnostic and other recently recovered textual manuscripts for translation in all dialects.  Includes comprehensive Coptic and Greek glossaries specific to the included texts.  Self-contained textbook and all resources for the three-quarter Coptic course taqught by Dr. Keizer at U.C.S.C. and Great Western University.