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Rev. Keith Dubbed as Knight of the +OMR+

The Rev. Keizer completed First Order Empowerments of the T:.H:.G:. with a successful weather proving and qualification for admission to the Grail Priesthood and the option to advance through Portal to the Second Order Christ-Melchizedek Tantra. In recognition of this, on March 3, 2013, he was dubbed a Knight of the Teaching and Healing Order of St. Michael and Saint Rafael.

This is a European chivalric order established by Prince August of the House of Lanza (now deceased), the last living noble descendant of Emperor Frederick II von Hohenstauffen, given to Bishop George Boyer of London (now deceased), currently under the Abbess Bishop Leila Boyer. Prince August, like Frederick II, was an ardent occultist. He and Boyer were students of Bishop Richard, Duc de Palatine. Bishop Lewis Keizer was made Knight Commander for North America by Abbott George Boyer. The Order was authorized by him to be part of the T:.H:.G:. program.  See THG.




The Rev. Daniel

With budget cuts, the field of volunteer prison and jail chaplaincies is opening up. Unfortunately, hard- core fundamentalist denominations are taking over the positions. These chaplaincies, which are supposed to be interfaith and inter-religious, are being turned into evangelistic recruitment opportunities for Christian fundamentalism by default.

Our recent Ordinand Daniel has undertaken a volunteer prison chaplaincy in Santa Clara County. He is willing to advise others interested in this kind of ministry. It is tough, bare-bones stuff with quite rigid rules. However, he has been able to offer the Eucharist, which had not been done before. We have developed a generic Communion Service that can be adapted for this kind of use, based on his comments. If you would like to correspond with Rev. Daniel, send me an email request and I'll put you in touch with him.

In the year 2007 Daniel was Consecrated to the Episcopate.

Shamanic Priesthood / Hospice Chaplaincy Marita Hacker
Marita came to us already Ordained to Apostolic Priesthood through a non-Home Temple Bishop who had been Consecrated by Bishop Michael Zaharakis. I had Consecrated Michael twenty-five years ago. Both Bishops had since died, and Marita was without a Bishop. She had not received the training we require, but wanted to make it up by "fast-tracking." She met weekly with a group of three other women in training under my wife, Bishop Willa Keizer, and was subconditionally re-Ordained in December of 2004.

As a Native American shaman, Marita was deeply trained and skilled in Native American healing and ritual. She worked with dying people in a hospice program and wanted to be authorized to function as a Hospice Chaplain. Since Marita is an extremely talented psychic, ritualist, and healer, a Chaplaincy would allow her to draw upon these skills to assist dying people to make a positive transition.

Marita has now achieved her goal. She serves as a Hospice Chaplain in the Monterey Bay area and is completing her Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) Degree with our School of Sacred Studies.

In the year 2007 Marita was Consecrated to the Episcopate.


Exorcists and Ghost Hunters
Larry and Debbie have been investigating paranormal phenomena for many years and helping to clear negative forces. Now Larry performs exorcisms as part of his spiritual vocation. Take the link to their web site. It is not presented as a religious page because that turns people away who need their services. So they are linked with various paranormal sites. Take the link below to their Aware Foundation site.

DEBBIE  has been a paranormal investigator with several organizations since 1993. Born with the biblical charisma of "Discernment of Spirits" she is able to use her gift to evaluate, or "discern" spirit activity, whether divine, human or preternatural, often being able to obtain the names and numbers of spirit entities. She is also excellent at taking "psychic" photography and capturing images on film. She is currently attending the Independent Catholic church in the area. Along with her husband, Larry, they started the Aware foundation in the summer of 2000 and together they bring many years of experience to the paranormal field.

REVEREND LARRY  also started out as a paranormal investigator and has also worked with several ghost hunting organizations since 1986. He studied demonology for many years and this interest lead him into the seminary. He graduated from Holy Apostles Seminary in 1988 with a Masters Degree in theology and was ordained a sub deacon for the Eastern Catholic Church that same year. He has performed or assisted at hundreds of exorcism/deliverance for people of all faiths. Larry was ordained an Independent priest with the Old Catholic Church on June 5, 2004. Through this he hopes to reach out to more people in need of his ministry. He is also currently ministering in outreach programs in Bridgeport, CT.


REV. LOREN         Gnostic Catholic Church of the Holy Grail and the Hidden Chapel of Mary Magdalene 

Loren's home church is located in Belen, New Mexico, where he lives with his wife and children. Loren is a gemologist. He completed all T:.H:.G:. First Order Empowerments, including the "proving" in which he manifested rain when the forecast was for clear skies. In fact, he brought down a whole storm!

In recognition of his spiritual achievements in successfully completing the First Order Empowerments of T:.H:.G:., Rev. Loren was dubbed a Knight of the esoteric chivalric Order of St. Michael and St. Raphael in August of 2004 by Knight Commander Lewis Keizer. All T:.H:.G:. Initiates are accepted as candidates for Knighthood in this authentic European Order headed by Abbot and Bishop George Boyer in London. However, they are not dubbed as Knight or Dame until they can demonstrate the final "proving" after the Seventh Empowerment. Dubbing as Knight or Dame is a recognition of spiritual nobility and authority, but unlike other orders of nobility, it cannot be passed on by heredity to descendants. It must be earned by each candidate.

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REV. OWEN    Non-Denominational Chaplain in Darrington, WA


Owen1   Owen2

Owen works as a forest ranger and professional photographer in Darrington, Washington. Here he is shown in a media interview on May 27, 2014:

"Rev. Owen Couch, a non-denominational chaplain, talks to reporters Thursday in Darrington about the work he and other chaplains have been doing with rescue workers, first responders, and others working at the scene of the massive landslide that hit the community of Oso last Saturday. Washington state authorities say the number of mudslide fatalities will go up substantially within the next two days. Snohomish County District 21 Fire Chief Travis Hots said Thursday that officials are not going to count additional recovered victims until the medical examiner's office has caught up with the recovery effort."

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