The ancient fringed garments of the Hebrews mandated in the Torah developed into the medieval prayer shawl or tallit with special fringes at the four corners.  It is draped around the shoulders for all ritual work, and it is the liturgical equivalent of the Christian stole. 

The tallit is worn over a kittel or short white robe in Judaism and is pulled up to cover the head for deep prayer or meditation.  It can also be used as a Wedding Chupah.  After death, devout Jews are buried in the tallit that they have sanctified with prayer and ritual all during their lives. 

In the many different Christian denominations, the liturgical stole may be worn over a long black or white robe, or even with an academic gown.  It developed from Greek priestly vestments, and does not have the rich dimension of meaning that the Jewish tallit has.  Since Mar Yeshua wore a special "seamless" garment, we in the Home Temple relate that to the tallit and have chosen to use the tallit as our unique stole and prayer shawl.

In the Home Temple Subdiaconate and Diaconate, we wear the tallit over a white robe for liturgical practice and work.  However, members of the Priesthood may choose their own liturgical vestments.

The tallit is put on with a formal ritual kiss and prayer, as with the Catholic liturgical stole.  This is described in the Diaconate Manual.

The Shofar Man provides quality wool tallit for about $25.  Take this link. The dimensions are 24" by 72". It is white with gold stripes and Hebrew letters, and there is a choice of colors for the stripes. It should be worn with a white robe of any design or a kittel. The robe and tallit constitute the vestments for the Liturgy of the Chalice or Eucharist and all other sacramental work in the Home Temple Subdiaconate and Diaconate.

A white robe or alb can be purchased through church supply stores and from many other sources at reasonable prices, such as http://www.religioussupply.com/. Blends of cotton and polyester or pure polyester are fine. If you get an alb without an elastic waist, be sure to also purchase a white knotted cincture for your waist.



Bishop Karl Pruter's Cathedral Books in Highlandville, MO, offers low-cost, high-quality "Priest's Startup Set" of plain white alb, cincture, chasuble, and four stoles (white, purple, red, green) for $160, as well as other vestments. Below, and with Bishop Pruter's permission, we reproduce his flyer and order forms:

ORDER FORMS (Print out and mail in)