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We supply Home Temple seminarians with a box of small wheaten Pre-Consecrated Eucharistic Hosts containing 100 wafers marked with the X or equal-sided Tav.   Presiding Bishop Pre-Consecrates Hosts for Subdeacons and Deacons for use in authorized Deacons' Masses until they have been Ordained to the Priesthood and received Apostolic Authority to celebrate the Eucharist and Consecrate the Elements. 

Priests and Bishops can order unconsecrated Hosts from online supply stores like the Religious Supply Center in Davenport, Iowa, online at http://www.religioussupply.com

Challah or other leavened bread for the Shabbat Banquet is readily available in stores and bakeries; it need not be Kosher.

PRICE (Hosts, Consecrated, per roll of 100):  $10 (plus shipping cost)