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If you are already Ordained in Apostolic Orders, or require special educational accommodations (blind, deaf, etc.), or if you are a prison inmate, please print this page and fill in the categories by hand, or use it as a guideline for composing an application if you have no printer.  Otherwise, please use the E-APPLICATION.

[You can submit the Long Form Application by fax, email, or postal mail.]



P.O. BOX 538

AROMAS, CA 95004-0538


or fax to 831-726-3192.


Home Temple studies and ordination, and T:.H:.G:. initiation, are open to all sincere aspirants with a high school education or the equivalent skills.   The Home Temple does not discriminate against  applicants on the basis of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, or previous criminal history.  However,   applicants must answer all screening questions and provide the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of three personal referencesApplicants may be accepted on  the basis of this information, but in certain cases may be required to undergo psychological screening and telephone interview. The Directors of the Home Temple reserve the right to deny applications from individuals who, in their judgment, are not suited for Temple Priesthood for psychological, moral, maturational, or other reasons.

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Full Name:

Mailing Address:



Home Telephone:

E-Mail Address:

Fax Number:

Type of Computer (circle one):   PC     MAC

Word Processing Program (circle):  WORD   CLARIS  OTHER (Name):

Education (circle highest level completed):



Academic and Professional Degrees and Licenses (list):




What is your current work or profession?


Preferred Language of Study:  English      Spanish   

How did you learn about Home Temple?   Internet Search      Initiation into the Grail Mysteries      Other (describe):         

Please read the HOME TEMPLE CODE OF ETHICS http://www.hometemple.org/Ethics.htm Your declaration of reverence for the teachings of Mar Yeshua, the Master Jesus, and of your intention to uphold the Home Temple Code of Ethics if accepted into Ordination Studies, is required. To indicate your assent, please hand-write the phrase, "If accepted into the Home Temple, I agree to uphold the Code of Ethics," on the dotted line below.




BRIEF ESSAY QUESTIONS (Hand write or type in the space below)

A.    What is your motivation for seeking the Priesthood, T:.H:.G:. Initiation, or Special Ministries Certification?









B.    What are your current spiritual practices and religious affiliations?







C.    How do you currently minister to the spiritual and material needs of others? [This includes parenthood, teaching, the arts, politics--all the ways you contact others in service.]








D.    Briefly describe your most strongly held religious, theological, moral, or other spiritual beliefs or opinions.








[If you have a resume or C.V., please attach a copy of it to this application.]


HEALTH AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS (Answer all questions that apply to you.)

1.    Do you have any special needs that our program can try to accommodate (dyslexia, deafness, blindness, etc.)? If so, how can we work with you in specific problem areas of the curriculum?





2.    What health problems do you have, and how do you deal with them?






3.    Which of the following do you use, and to what degree?

    Tobacco    (Circle one)    Light    Moderate    Heavy

    Alcohol        (Circle one)    Light     Moderate    Heavy

    Recreational Drugs     (Circle one)        Light   Moderate                                                                             Heavy

4.    Do you have emotional or physical problems, addictions, or behaviors that you are you trying to overcome? Are you in psychological counseling? Explain.





6.    If you are a prison inmate, do you have free access to correspondence materials as well as  access to audio and video cassette players?  Will the chaplain allow you to participate in religious service? Explain your current circumstances.  [We do not want to know anything about your past.]






[If you have previously received Apostolic Succession from a valid Bishop, please attach a separate page to describe the office you currently hold (Deacon, Priest), by whom you were ordained and when, and your current relationship with him or her. Will your Bishop give you Letters Dimissory?  Describe the content of your seminary education.  Did you receive a degree?  If so, include a copy of transcripts.  If not, include a copy of your seminary syllabus. We will evaluate and facilitate, with credit for applicable previous studies.]

[If you are an Independent Bishop seeking affiliation with the Synod of Home Temple Bishops, please fill out relevant information on the Application Form and attach a separate letter.]



Please list the names, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers of three people who know you well and would recommend you for ordination:

1.     Name



2.     Name



3.     Name




At the discretion of the Directors, an applicant may be required to take a psychological screening evaluation consisting of multiple-choice responses to twenty statements and to call in for a telephone interview.