You can search Google for Chalice and Patten to find online Catholic and Anglican supply stores, or search Kiddush Cup or Shabbat Cup for Judaica stores. What you want and how much you can spend are up to you--prices range from $10 to $4000. Least expensive are ceramic sets. Here is an example of one gold and silver plated set available online for $60 as of March 24, 2018 at www.autom.com:




The Seven-Branched Menorah is used only for Synagogue and Temple.   The Nine-Branched Menorah is the one seen at Chanukah.

We require the Seven-Branched Menorah on the Home Temple Altar.   This distinguishes it from Christian or Jewish altars, and it symbolizes the presence of the invisible Temple.  It requires special candles that should be ordered with the Menorah. You do not need to light the Menorah candles on the altar. They burn quickly and must be re-supplied in massive amounts, so leave them unlit.

Our traditional Menorah has the symbols of the Twelve Tribes and the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac.  It is a Tree of Life (Otz Chaim) standing upon the highest for four steps, representing the Four Kabbalistic Worlds. It can be ordered online from the Shofar Man at this link: Menorah. #514 small cup; under $30.


These are supplied in packets of 45.  Home Temple still has a large supply of these and will offer them until the supply is gone.

PRICE (per packet of 45):  $6 plus shipping

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Pair of Shabbat Candle Sticks from the Shofar Man. These are high-grade polished brass candlesticks that are placed on the Altar in front of and to the sides of the Seven-Branched Menorah.  They are also used for the Shabbat Banquet.  You can use standard white dripless candles that are readily available.