We recommend that you purchase Rose Oil from THE MOTHER'S FRAGRANCES or from the TSG FOUNDATION.  Consecrate it using the Heart Blessing by holding it in your right hand over Heart with left palm covering right, visualizing golden Blessing light streaming onto it from your Heart Center, and intoning A-U-M.

The Mother (Mira Alfasa), who was Sri Aurobindo's spiritual wife and partner, established the careful work with flower essences and oils done by the Ashram, and we have always considered their oils and incenses to be among the finest available. However, these are perfume oils.  For those who need to have rose absolute (environmental allergies), we can recommend those sold by the College of Botanical Healing Arts in Santa Cruz, CA. E-mail cobha@cruzio.com   The rose absolute is very expensive but can be diluted in jojoba oil.

In Temple practice, we use the consecrated oil after the Mikveh or purificatory bath or other lustration before we celebrate the Eucharist, and for many other special events like healing, ordination, vigil, and as smokeless incense for other deep communions, meditations, and contemplations.

An oil is a "chrism," from which the Greek word Christ is derived.  The Messiah Ben-Joseph and other messiahs are literally "ones anointed by God" with consecrated oil.  The consecrated oil plays an important role in Home Temple liturgy and practice.



This water is gathered from the famous little springs that flow from the top of Mount Shasta in Panther Meadows in early summer.   It is not ground water, but melted snow from the mountain top just as it reaches the timber line--the purest of waters.  One dropper of it is used to consecrate the Mikveh waters required for ritual purification in preparation for major spiritual events such as celebration of first Eucharist or other sacrament, major vigil, ordination, major healing work, etc. One bottle will probably suffice for all Mikveh rituals in both Diaconate and Priesthood training.

Bishop Willa Keizer at Panther Meadows Collecting Mikveh Spring Water

It is supplied in a four-dram brown bottle with dropper.

Consecrated Mikveh Water is included with box of pre-consecrated Hosts in Diaconate

Enhanced background areas of this photo taken by Bishop Lewis Keizer
of Bishop Willa at Sacred Spring on Mt. Shasta (Above):


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We require a special Home Temple castille soap mixed in proportions 1:1:1 of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lavender to prepare for a Mikveh.   This can be easily made by combining Dr. Bronner's castille soaps, usually available at health food and natural food stores.  Take this link for DR. BRONNER'S SOAP. To Temple Soap you can add a few drops for Wormwood Oil available through the TSG FOUNDATION.